YOU are what sets your business apart

You want to make an impact. You know this means you have to create an emotional connection with your audience.

Do you feel yourself reaching for the same old headshots or stock images that don't truly reflect your brand?  Do you hate the hassle of taking selfies but know that as the face of your business you need to be visible? 

Would it give you confidence to have a steady stream of fresh and varied images, ready to go for any project that comes up?

A Personal Brand Photography shoot could be the answer for you!

Personal branding is the art of becoming knowable, likeable and trustable.

Connect with your audience through stories

We all want to buy from people and companies that we know, like and trust.

The most effective way to build trust is by sharing stories.

Your story is who you are, what you do and why you do it. Together we'll tell the stories that drive connection with your ideal clients.

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More than just a headshot. We will capture images of you at your most natural. Seeing your face helps clients get to know, like and trust you much faster.

Personal Brand Photography London_0033.jpg

Your Business

We'll capture you working and give your audience a peek behind-the-scenes of how you run your business. We can also feature your team.

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Do you have a passion for nature? Do you love to cook? Do you have interests in common with your audience or ones that are unique to you?

Personal Brand Photography London_0028.jpg


We can feature one of your current or past clients. We can capture their story and how working with you helped improve their life or their business.

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Is your family an important part of your story? Sharing moments with loved ones (or pets!) can drive a deep connection with your clients.

Personal Brand Photography London_0035.jpg


What inspires you? Do you read? Visit a favourite place? Or are there aspects of the upcoming season that you particularly love and want to share?

We will capture you at work and relaxing. No awkward posing required! It’s perfect if you usually feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.

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Hi, I’m Nina

A personal brand photographer based in London. 

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner making your corner of the world a brighter place? Let’s work together so you can grow your reach.

I listen. With 15 years experience in the financial services industry I also understand the importance of efficiency, discretion and trust in all working relationships.

I specialise in creating bright, natural images that tell your unique story - even if you usually feel awkward in front of the camera.

How it works

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Step 1

Get in touch. Click the button below to contact me. I'll answer any questions and we'll schedule a time to meet.

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Step 2

Let's meet. We will meet in person or via video to discuss if a personal brand photography session will be a good fit for your business.

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Step 3

Make it official. If a decision is made to move forward, we'll plan our first photo session and sign the paperwork.

“I loved working with Nina. The photos all look spontaneous, relaxed and natural and I love the bold coloured backgrounds. i don’t usually like having my photo taken but after 10 minutes I was totally relaxed and I had a lot of fun!”

— Celia

Pricing & Packages

Annual Contract = 4 x shoots per year

Basic Package

  • 2 stories per quarter

  • 40 images per quarter

  • £950 one off shoot

  • £3,500 annual contract

Signature package

  • 4 stories per quarter

  • 80 images per quarter

  • £1,650 one off shoot

  • £6,000 annual contract

The full package

  • 6 stories per quarter

  • 150 images per quarter

  • £2,150 one off shoot

  • £8,000 annual contract

For those in the early stages of their business I also offer a starter package for £650 including 20 digital images.

** To celebrate the launch of my Personal Brand Photography packages I am offering a limited number of complimentary upgrades. For example you can upgrade from the basic package to my Signature Package for no extra charge. Contact me today to secure your place!**

Together we will create so much more than just a head-shot. You will receive a gallery of images that will help you build an emotional connection with your ideal clients. Your website, marketing materials and social media feeds will be sorted for months!

Personal Brand Photography London_0052.jpg

“Nina I love the photos! I can’t quite believe they’re all me. You’ve made me look polished while at the same time capturing my personality perfectly, and there is such a great variety! I know having these images will give me the confidence to grow my business and have made me feel an ownership of my brand that I didn’t feel before.”

— Camilla

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“What personal brand photography gives you, really, is a platform for growth. Having professional quality visuals means that you’re ready to take opportunities to create content as they arise. Rolling in family photos just broadens the offer; adding value that you might not normally expect and allowing you to track your work and personal life as they grow in tandem. The family loved the experience too!”

— Aidan