Baby Eva

Newborn Baby Photography Queen's Park London

I’m still always struck by how heart-achingly tiny newborns are. How fragile their fingers are, how milky their skin is and how their cries sound more like a whimper than the full-blown toddler screams i am used to at home. Even though i spend time with them often in my work, every time it feels precious and new.

Baby Eva was only 7 days old when i photographed her with her mum and dad back at their Queen’s Park home in north west London. We had a peaceful morning as we fit around Eva’s needs for cuddles and feeds. Babies grow so quickly, in just a few months time it will be hard to believe she was ever this tiny.

Do you have a new baby or are you expecting one soon? Get in touch today and we can arrange for a natural newborn photoshoot in your home. Or if the thought of straightening a few rooms is overwhelming we can do it in my Queen’s Park lifestyle studio. There’s something so special about the first 10 days and you’ll never regret having images that capture it beautifully for your family.