Baby’s First Year Package

Baby and family photography London Queen’s Park

When is the best time to book a photoshoot with our new baby?

I get asked this question often.

And there's more than one right answer.

Baby photography - ages and stages

Every baby stage is special.

During the hazy newborn days, your baby is at its tiniest. It is a magical time many families want to capture and revisit for a lifetime. I know I did.

The 3-4 month stage is also wonderful. Your baby is interacting and developing a personality all of their own. Gorgeous Gabriel, featured below, demonstrates this perfectly! Watching him coo at his big sister Alva or reach for his mum’s face was a joy.

At 9-12 months your baby is sitting up, exploring the world and might even be on the move! Photoshoots at this stage are filled with giggles and laughter.

Baby’s first year photo package

If you want them all you can sign up for a Baby's First Year package!

You'll get three photoshoots, all the digital files, a selection of prints as well as a gorgeous lay-flat photobook all for £1650.

Your cherished memories will be beautifully captured and your grandparent gifts will be sorted!

Contact me today for more details. I would love to work with you!

Baby and Family Photography London

Baby and Family Photography London

Saturday morning playing on mum and dad's bed. Photoshoots don't get any sweeter than this!

I loved my time photographing one year old Emma and her brother Ollie. Ollie was my big helper and Emma knew exactly what she did and more importantly what she DIDN'T want to do😊

I reassure parents often that we get the best photos when their children’s personalities shine through. I most definitely do NOT expect them to sit still and smile at the camera.

Ellie and Adrian I loved spending time with your beautiful family. You're doing a wonderful job!

Beautiful, natural photos of your family

Would you love some photos of your family together but you’re worried your kids won’t behave? Get in touch today! Movement and fun are a key part of every photoshoot and the odd tantrum is no problem at all ❤️

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London baby and family photography

London baby and family photography

Ada squirmed her way out of his embrace and made a bee-line for the lego.

4 year old Max has to work hard for sister's affection and attention. At eleven months Ada is on the move and wants to explore everything!  

I photographed these adorable siblings when Ada was just seven weeks old. Watching them interact and play together nine months later was a treat.  

It's amazing how much both of them had changed. Ada, last summer a tiny newborn, is now a moving, babbling child with a personality all her own. And seeing the change in Max was just as profound. One moment jumping from sofa to sofa, the next reading (in Swedish!) with his mum.

Sibling and family photoshoot

Are your children growing and changing before your eyes? Would you love some beautiful photos of them together and you all as a family?

It's easy! Get in touch today. I'll send you a few simple tips for how to prepare (you already have everything you need!) and you'll be all booked! You won’t regret it I promise.