London baby and family photography

London baby and family photography

Ada squirmed her way out of his embrace and made a bee-line for the lego.

4 year old Max has to work hard for sister's affection and attention. At eleven months Ada is on the move and wants to explore everything!  

I photographed these adorable siblings when Ada was just seven weeks old. Watching them interact and play together nine months later was a treat.  

It's amazing how much both of them had changed. Ada, last summer a tiny newborn, is now a moving, babbling child with a personality all her own. And seeing the change in Max was just as profound. One moment jumping from sofa to sofa, the next reading (in Swedish!) with his mum.

Sibling and family photoshoot

Are your children growing and changing before your eyes? Would you love some beautiful photos of them together and you all as a family?

It's easy! Get in touch today. I'll send you a few simple tips for how to prepare (you already have everything you need!) and you'll be all booked! You won’t regret it I promise.

What were you worried about?

I’m going to step out of the way and let some of my clients do the talking…

What were you worried about?

"I was concerned that the kids may not cooperate and it would be all but impossible to do the shoot. I was very pleasantly surprised! Nina put us all at ease and particularly the children. Both kids enjoyed the shoot and the photos are treasured memories." 

Family and baby photography London_0125.jpg
Maida Vale Family & Baby photography_0012.jpg

"My biggest concern was the photos being too scripted or contrived.  Nina’s general eye, her composition and instinct bring out a high concentration of natural results."

"I was nervous prior to the shoot as I normally hate having my picture taken. The reality was that Nina put me at ease immediately so that everything felt really relaxed and natural. I never felt awkward or self conscious."

Queen's Park Maternity Photography_0025.jpg
baby and family photography north west London_0047.jpg

"I was hesitant about the cost of professional photographs given that we were taking tons on our phones. However, the quality of Nina's photos are unrivalled. We were also able to get photos of the entire family, which almost never happens in our day to day life!"


What have you loved about having your images?

Queen's Park newborn baby photography London_0012.jpg

"The photos have been fantastic to share with friends and family abroad. What surprised me was how much the pictures really show the individualised traits of our little bub; the way she yawns, how she squints her face and stretches out."

Family and baby photography London queen's park_0171.jpg

"I love that the images you took capture a time I've almost forgotten! Those early days are so hazy as we were just finding our way as a family of 4. When I look at your beautiful images I'm so happy that you captured that moment in time for us." 

"Without a doubt our favourite aspect was the degree which you managed to engage the kids in the shoot.  We've also unabashedly leveraged the images to produce xmas ornaments, notepads and related swag for the family back home!"

"It was lovely to capture the kids in their natural environment at home with their toys, beds, and each other. It was nice for the whole family to share the experience together!"


What would you tell your friends?

"Nina was so accommodating and understanding. Even when my little one had a meltdown there was absolutely no rush or fuss she was very patient and kind. The photos are very natural and full of joy." 

"I’d tell my friends that you make the children happy & everyone relaxed & you’re a lovely person too! It was like having a good friend photographing your children if your good friend was a very talented photographer!" 

Queen's Park, London Family Photography_0001.jpg

Thank you to everyone I’ve photographed this year, I’ve loved every moment of it.

When was the last time you had some family photos taken? Get in touch today and we can chat about what type of shoot might work best for your family.

Mum and dad, let me show you the beauty of what your sleepless nights and sometimes endless days are creating.

Nina x

Christmas PJs

Christmas PJs photoshoot London

Clara can you please turn around… Arianna wait! That’s not your straw… Girls will you stop poking each other for just five seconds!

Two weeks ago I tried a vintage crate and milk bottle set up in my home studio with my two daughters. The girls had a blast and I love the photos we got that day but i definitely had to work hard for them!

These two boys were a dream by comparison. Maybe it was the promise of jumping on the bed afterwards? Though I’ve found it’s almost always easier to garner cooperation from children that aren’t your own. I’m thrilled with how these turned out! The ones of them playing air guitar are my favourite.

Would you love some photos of your children in their Christmas PJs or Christmas outfits? Get in touch today, i still have a few session times available before Christmas.