Harper at 7 months

Baby Photoshoot Queen’s Park London

Babies and jet lag. It's a killer combination. And not in a good way. A trip to Canada to visit family had resulted in 4 am wake ups for this little one (and his parents!) and everyone was a little bleary eyed the morning they arrived in my Queen's Park studio.

You'd never guess from the photos though! Baby Harper is, at 7 months, that adorable age where he's sitting up and interested in everything but not yet on the move. So you can enjoy his super soft baby rolls without needing eyes in the back of your head.

I'm sure you'll agree that babies don't get much cuter than Harper. But what I love most about my job is capturing the way he interacts with his parents. The way he reaches for their faces and squeaks with delight when they break into a smile. If you’d love some beautiful natural images of you interacting with your baby please get in touch.

Julia and Rich you guys are doing a fantastic job!