Ruby & Hermione

Baby and family photography Queen's Park London

Balloons and three year olds are a great combination. Nine times out of ten if a toddler or pre-schooler starts to get restless during a photoshoot, which is completely understandable, letting them choose their own helium balloon results in huge smiles.

My morning with this trio of gorgeous girls in my Queen’s Park studio was a blast. Six month old Ruby had just learned to sit up and her three year old sister Hermione loved showing her some favourite books. Playing hide and seek with mum under the covers was also a huge hit!

Would you love some gorgeous photos of you playing with your children? No awkward poses, just whatever makes your family smile whether it’s jumping on the bed, reading stories, or hiding under the covers. Get in touch today and we can create some images that you’ll treasure when these days of nursery rhymes and Sophie the Giraffe teethers are a distant memory