6 Images To Capture of Your Children This Summer


Long summer days are the best!

Here are six ideas for fun moments to capture on camera.

1. Eating Ice cream. Can the discussion of which ice cream flavour to choose fill most of your day? It can in our house! Choose a great location and capture the moments of pure joy.

Nina Mucalov Photography London_0157.jpg

2. At the beach. Is there anything sweeter than watching your children playing at the beach? Grab their favourite ball or a bucket and spade and get snapping!

Nina Mucalov Photography London_0160.jpg

3. With cousins/friends. Do you have a big extended family? Or a group of friends that feel like family? Get a photo of all the kids together. You'll love looking back on it in years to come and seeing how much they've all grown!

Nina Mucalov Photography London_0156.jpg

4. Scooting or bike riding. Find a colourful wall and capture your kids at top speed!

Nina Mucalov Photography London_0159.jpg

5. At the park. Do you have a favourite local park? Grab the kids and your camera and head to one of your favourite spots.

Nina Mucalov Photography London_0161.jpg

6. Amusing themselves at home. Long summer days at home can be the source of some inventive games at our place. Capture your kids hiding under the covers, making sofa forts or building epic lego towers.

Nina Mucalov Photography London_0158.jpg

Do you have a favourite summer photo of your kids?

I'd love to see 💕

When was the last time you had photos taken of the whole family together?

If you'd love some before the summer is over email me today (ninamucalov@gmail.com).

I still have a couple of available dates in August!

Nina x