5 of my favourite things about being a mum

I put my key in the lock. Before I have a chance to push open the door I can hear the pitter patter of tiny feet and ‘ma ma, ma ma’…

I’ve been a mother for 5 years now. Almost five and a half. Though many days I still feel like a complete novice.

My introverted soul often cries out for relief from the constant demands of motherhood. But everyday I am also grateful for my two sweet girls who are at the centre of my world.

Here are five of my favourite things about being a mum:

1. The pile up cuddles!

Family Photography London_0039.jpg

I push open the door and the next moment I am on the floor with limbs all around me and tiny hands stroking my face. I know it won't last forever and gosh i love it.

2. Playing hide and seek

Family Photography London_0048.jpg

Hide and seek has been a favourite in our house for a while. In the beginning there were exactly two go-to spots. But Clara at five has definitely upped her game. I'm often surprised at the cupboards she can squeeze herself in to (who knew she was exactly the size of the basket holding our tupperware?). Under the covers and behind the curtains still get the odd shout out too:-)

3. Sunday Adventures

We have a tradition of embarking on a London family adventure most Sunday mornings. We arrive early to beat the crowds and often end with a trip to a playground close-by. A few recent favourites have included: Blenheim Palace, the V&A & the National Gallery - one of my favourite places in London.

4. The girls playing together

Family Photography London_0046.jpg

When I was expecting our second child I read something that has stuck with me: “Don’t worry about the fighting, just try to get them playing together”.

We have our fair share of squabbles at our house (“mummy did you give Arianna one more cuddle than me?!”) but it always warms my heart when I watch the girls playing together.

5. Watching them sleep

Family Photography London_0047.jpg

No decisions. No mess. No worrying if i am spoiling them or being too tough. Just soft skin, gentle breaths and clammy hands clutching favourite toys. Everything feels worthwhile in these moments.

What are your favourite things about being a mum? I would love to hear.

Happy mother’s day to all you beautiful mums out there. You’re doing a great job!

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